How It Works

Social Spotlight

Get featured on our social media channel and boost your profil.


Get 20% commission for every purchase made with your unique ambassador code.

VIP Offers

Enjoy exclusives sales & special discounts reserved just for our models.

First Glimpse

Be the first to see and experience our newest products with sneak peeks.


Do I Need to Make a Purchase to Join?

Not at all! 

While our ambassadors receive exclusive discounts and special gifts, there's no obligation to purchase. 

Our main goal is to grow a community dedicated to protecting dogs. You're an ambassador, not just a client!

How Does Payment Work?

Ambassadors earn a 20% commission, paid once a month via PayPal. 

Alternatively, you can choose to convert your commission into gift cards and double its value!

How Can I Be Featured?

Simply send us an email with your photos and videos with Keepaws products.

For more specific guidelines, refer to the details in your confirmation email after subscription.

Is It Available Worldwide?


Shipping is also FREE! Everywhere in the world.